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One Gallon Water Bottle Review by The HD Channel – Vlogs, Reviews & Stuff

I recently purchased a large water bottle from Bottle Joy. It has a capacity of 1 gallon, which is the recommended daily intake of water. The bottle is quite large, measuring approximately 6.5 inches in width and 12 inches in height. It can be quite heavy when full, but it is convenient to have all of my water for the day in one container. I prefer to drink sterilized water, so it’s nice to have it with me at all times. However, sometimes drinking water straight from the top of the bottle can cause me to have a stomachache. Overall, I think the large water bottle from Bottle Joy is a good purchase for anyone looking to stay hydrated throughout the day.

I can see they’ve got visual markers here as well with the timing and also the amount of water that I take. I’ve got my markers on here and I think I can catch it on camera. Just about see it there which is pretty handy. And here I’ve got a nice little strap there with the branding on it. It’s quite handy actually because because of the weight of the bottle and the size of it, it’s not always that convenient to just grab it by the handle all the time. So, I find that a lot of times I do just grab it by the strap and it does help. And the strap is actually removable as well, so if I need to wash it and don’t want to get the strap wet, I can just remove it. It’s a nice looking bottle and it definitely stands out. It’s a conversation starter. The quality is pretty good too. The plastic feels nice and thick. I prefer bottles with a big opening like this one. I don’t actually like the ones with straws because I find it harder to clean them. On this one, as you can see, there is a big opening which makes it easier to clean.

I like the fact that you can pop ice or fruits in this water bottle. There is a rubber gasket to prevent leaks and a clip on the top to keep it closed tightly. Overall, I think it is a good quality water bottle. In the package, you also get a cleaning kit which includes a sponge and a bottle of cleaning solution with the Bottle Joy bunny logo on it. The cleaning kit makes it easier to clean the bottle, especially if you can’t put it in the dishwasher. I usually just drink water, so it is relatively easy to clean for me. However, it is a big challenge to drink a whole gallon of water in a day. I haven’t actually managed to do it yet. This water bottle is quite large and heavy when it is full. One of the benefits is that you can see the water level to know how much water you have left to drink.

I try to drink a gallon of water every day, but it can be a challenge. However, I’ve made a good effort to increase my water intake. At least I have a rough idea of how much water I’m taking in compared to the average intake of water. One thing I do like about this water bottle is the angle at which the cap opens when you drink. It’s about 90 degrees, which is actually the perfect angle so the cap won’t get in your face while you’re drinking. The handle is also on the other side of the bottle, which is handy. Overall, I think this water bottle is a good conversation starter and a nice looking bottle with great quality. If you’re looking for a water bottle that can carry your daily intake of water for the whole day, I recommend this one.

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