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Gallon Water Bottle: One of Must-Have Items for an Athlete’s Gym Bag

For trainers and athletes who exercise regularly, packing a gym bag becomes routine. Athletes can leave their home with pre-packed bags on hand for different types of exercises. If you’re traveling, visiting a different gym, or forget to bring some necessary gear with you while at the gym, it’s not uncommon. Additionally, what may be […]

What Is Too Much Water Intake

The body’s cells need water to function, but drinking too much can cause harmful effects. Drinking more than your body requires is called overhydration. There are no clear guidelines to tell you how much water you should drink a day. The usual recommendation of eight glasses is a good starting point. You should adjust these […]

Are There Any Health Benefits to Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day?

You might be familiar with somebody carrying around a gallon of water at work, school or the gym. The question is, is it really necessary to drink a gallon of water every day? The dietitian Beth Czerwony, RD, discusses what to know about this trend, and the amount of water you should really drink. She […]

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